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Thank you for joining us here at the RedPill Living (RPL).

On behalf of our entire team — welcome!

The information on this page is brief, and important. Please take a moment to read until the end.

If you’re new here, in a moment you will receive a welcome email at RedPill Living.

Gmail and others are doing everything to interfere. They have been known to move the email you just requested to the Spam or Promotions tab in an effort to prevent you from getting the news and information you’ve requested.

Here’s what to do to get around the shenanigans.

While it’s fresh in your mind…

    • Go to your inbox.
    • Find the email from RPL with the subject line: Welcome to Redpill Living (Start Here!)
    • If that email is anywhere besides your inbox, move it to your inbox
    • Star it, or mark it “important”
    • Then open it, and read it
    • Finally, click the “Reply” button. Type “Thank You” in the body
    • Click “Send”

We work hard around the clock to bring you the highest quality health products you ask for — It would be a shame if Big Tech got in the way of that. If you haven’t already, follow the 7 steps above while it’s fresh in your mind.

You will receive email notifications in your inbox when we add a new piece of informative content to our site, launch a new product, update our lines, run a sale, or to share some good news.

Also as a courtesy, we will negotiate the best deals on your behalf. We will also let you know when these deals are active.

While it’s not required to support our sponsors, know it is what keeps us going to provide the news for you.

RedPill Living wouldn’t exist without people like you.

Thank you.

We are grateful you chose us, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

— The RedPill Living Team

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